Wardrobe Makeover with Remee

RackBuddy Wardrobe Makeover - Remee Jackman 

The Danish songwriter, producer and TV host Remee Jackman had a small walk-in closet emergency. He left the design and execution completely in our hands and we are proud to present you the result! Watch the video below to see how his basement transformed from unorganised chaos to a proper walk-in closet. 




Remee lives in a house together with his fiancé Mathilde Gøhler and their small daughter Kenya. As both Remee and Mathilde's jobs require them to change outfits often, they both own a lot of clothes.

Remee's closet is in the basement of the house. Before we came in to organise everything, all items were stored in a temporary manner and things were all over the place. But we designed a smart storage solution that saves space and gives a thought-through look. 

Remee Jackman's walk-in closet - before

Before picture - Remee Jackman's walk-in closet



The first room is dedicated to all clothing items. Two RackBuddy Loke's are holding Remee's pants and the matching jackets and parkas. They are not installed to the wall or floor and can be moved to the side if the space is ever needed for something else. 

Next to the staircase, we built in a custom made clothes rack made from black water pipes with two rails on top of each other. This is making the maximum use of a space, where normal storage solutions wouldn't fit. 

We further split up the room with a glass wall from GlassMate, which is adding a nice New Yorker vibe to the room. Two custom made double clothes racks find their spot next to the glass wall and offer plenty of space for more shirts and tops. 

Remee Jackman's walk-in closet

Remee Jackman - RackBuddy Loke clothes rack


Custom-made double clothes rack in black waterpipes

As you enter the next room, there is plenty of storage space for shoes on wooden shelves - so Remee is guaranteed to keep the overview. We have also added some small shelves for his hat collection. 

Shoe shelves and hat shelves in Remee's walk-in closet

Hat shelves in Remee's walk-in closet - closet makeover

After a long day of work and building, we were proud to present the result to Remee and Mathilde, who seem to have enjoyed their new nice walk-in closet in the basement! If you are interested in seeing more about the whole process, check out the video we shot during the whole day. 

Do you need help remodelling your walk-in closet? Do not hesitate to contact us under info@rackbuddy.com