Space saving ideas for studio apartments

Clothing racks and shelves maximize the use of space

September has just come to and end and every year it's the month where thousands and thousands young people start an education. Months of chasing a new place to live is hopefully over, and a new chapter has begun with a new education and a new home.

Whether you recently moved into a one-room apartment, a dorm room, a sharing apartment or perhaps a temporarily room, it can be quite difficult to have room enough for everything  – a bed, a desk and not least a wardrobe. And most often there is only one option for where to place the bed, which means that the rest of the furniture has to be placed accordingly. 

With limited space it is rather important to choose some furniture, that is practical and does not take up too much space. It is possible to create a practical and cozy home, you just have to utilize the space most efficiently.

Four space saving ideas for studio apartments:

- Limited space on the floor? Utilize your walls and your ceiling with wall- and ceiling mounted clothingracks 
- Limited space on the floor? Utilize your walls with shelves or wall-mountered clothing racks with shelves
- Short term rental - avoid drilling holes in the walls and go for a trendy freestanding clothingrack
- Long term rental or perhaps your own apartment?? Go for a customized wardrobe and let your dreams come true. 

Wall and ceiling mounted clothing racks
 - utilize your walls and ceiling and get more space on the floor

Clothing racks mounted to the walls or the ceiling can be super practical because they simply leave space on the floor for a laundrybag, a little table or a TV. In that way you utilize the space in the room most efficiently

Clothing racks that are mounted to the wall or the ceiling also make it easy for you to hang your long dresses and coats without worring about them getting all curly. And if you coordinate your clothes in colours, it looks nice. Another trick is to use the same kind of hangers and hooks in order to create a stylish look.

Moreover, clothing racks that are mounted to the walls or the ceilings make cleaning so much easier, as it is easy getting around underneath.

At RackBuddy we have a wide variety of clothing racks mounted to the walls and the ceiling in different measurements. Rackbuddy JoleneRackBuddy JoeyRackBuddy Kim and RackBuddy Sebastian

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Shelves or wall-mounted clothing racks with shelves 
- utilize your walls and your ceiling for more space on the floor

If you prefer to use your walls for wall-mounted clothing racks with shelves or just shelves, we have a wide variety of solutions.

Shelves are ideal for folded blouses and trousers, and if you’re the kind of person that is into decor and interior, why not decorate the shelves with  a beautiful plant, a vase, a couple of tablebooks or have your favourite photography framed and put it on the shelf?

In case you choose a wall-mounted clothing rack with a shelf, make sure to colour-coordinate your hanging clothes. As described earlier, it looks far prettier and at the same time it actually also makes it easier to see, which clothes you actually have.

Check out our solutions for shelves: RackBuddy John and Rackbuddy Marlow Moreover, we have recently released a new collection of shelves: RackBuddyShelfieAll our solutions are made of waterpipes and different kind of wood. 

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Have you found a place that is only temporaily?
- use freestanding clothing racks and avoid holes in the walls

Are you one of them that unfortunately haven't found a permanent place to stay, but instead a short term rental? Well, then you sooner than later have to return the keys to the landlord and probably do not wish to make any harm at the apartment, but instead leave the place in a good condition. In this situation, freestanding clothing racks are highly recommendable.

There are many advantages in regards to freestanding clothing racks. Not only are they really easy to transport (unlike a big closet from IKEA) they are also pretty easy to assemble and unassemble again, once you have to move out again. But the advantages does not end here!

With a freestanding clothing rack you also avoid worring about drilling holes in the walls, which makes everything a little bit easier. Moreover, they are pretty easy to move around in case you decide to refurnish your room from time to time.

On top of that clothing racks are very stylish and if you, as described earlier, make sure to colour-coordinate your clothes and use the same kind of hangers and hooks, you can easily create a stylish and trendy room!

And then an additional tip. Most students are keep on making some more money, so why not get rid of some of the clothes you don't use anyway? Bring your old clothes and your freestanding clothing to the local fleetmarket:-)

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Did you get your own apartment or a long term rental?
- utilize thet fact that you can almost have it the way you want it with a customized wardrobe 

Are you one of the lucky ones that managed to get your own apartment and  have no plans of moving out again in the near future? Well, then worring about drilling holes in the walls or in the ceiling probably doesn't take up much of your time and you're most likely keen on getting the coolest apartment ever. And getting a customized wardrobe might be the rigth solution for you!

When having your own apartment, a customized wardrobe can actually turn out to be the best solution for your because in that way you can have it the way YOU want it. Secondly, it simply is the best way to utilize the space in your room – because with a customized solution, it is made for exactly your room and in that way, no space goes to waste. Every little detail in the room is taken into consideration. 

A sloping wall, a freestanding beam, a radiator or a door-opening can sometimes make it extremely difficult for a standard closet to be anywhere in the room. On the contary, a customized wardrobe takes all these obstacles into consideration. In that way you make the most out of the space. And with a customized wardrobe you can decide yourself if you want shelves, and how many, the length and the width of the clothing rack, and if you want it to be freestanding or mounted to the walls or the ceiling. And of course you can decide how many number of sections you want. In other words , only your imagination is the limit.

With the help from RackBuddy you have the opportunity to design your own unique clothes rack! We want to help you create furniture that is unique to you and expresses your identity. Therefore, you can customize our models just the way you want. If you have a good idea, you can also design something completely new - the only limit is your imagination! 

And when you decide to move in many years, the next owner of the apartment can actually find the customized wardrobe a big plus that a customized clothing rack is already taken care of.

Read about the opportunities for getting your own personalized wardrobe here or write to in case you want our help!

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