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    Interested in a custom solution?

    Whether you prefer a chest of drawers on legs as a standalone piece of furniture for your living room or hallway, or you want a chest of drawers integrated into your wardrobe system, chests of drawers are a modern and popular choice for your interior design. At RackBuddy, anything is possible and you can easily design your own custom solution by adding an extra element that an iron or wooden chest of drawers can provide. Book a free design meeting today and let’s find a solution that makes sense for you

    Organise your home with a chest of drawers

    The chest of drawers allows you to organise your open wardrobe system or other items in your home. An iron or wooden chest of drawers makes it easy to store things you don’t want out on display. Use a chest of drawers for the kids’ room to store clothes, toys, books or other items, or choose a smaller chest of drawers that can double as a bedside table where you can keep a lamp and a few books tucked away. 

    Our wooden chests of drawers have drawers, which makes them extremely practical as they give you a lot of storage space. At RackBuddy, our vision is to create solutions that create space – not take up space. When you choose a beautiful wooden chest of drawers for your home, you get a solution that gives you all the space you need to organise your home according to your needs.

    If you prefer a chest of drawers in the classic RackBuddy design, then you can choose one of our iron cabinet chests of drawers. They are extremely attractive and their raw look adds a bit of edge to the home. These chests of drawers are without drawers, but still have plenty of storage space in the form of shelves. All RackBuddy’s chests of drawers have legs, so they can easily stand on their own if they do not need to be implemented in a larger solution.

    Wooden chests of drawers in multiple shades

    Our wooden chests of drawers come in two types of wood and four different colours. You can find a chest of drawers in classic oak which is made from oak veneer and has been given a super-protective UV coating that preserves the natural colour of the oak and gives it a gorgeous lustre. If you prefer darker colours, you can opt for a chest of drawers in smoked oak. It is also treated with a UV coating for optimal protection and resistance. 

    In addition to the oak chests of drawers, you can also find two chests of drawers made of pine wood. Both are oil-stained, one with a light oil and the other with a dark oil. The oil highlights the natural grain and beautiful markings of the wood panels, while protecting the woodwork from wear and tear. All our wooden chests of drawers come with drawers, have legs and come in three different sizes, so you can use them exactly where and how you want

    Add a raw element to your home with an iron chest of drawers

    Have you fallen in love with the classic RackBuddy look of iron pipes? Then perhaps you should be looking at an iron cabinet chest of drawers. Available in three different sizes, it is a raw and industrial design element for the home. All chests of drawers have legs and are made from steel expanded metal sheet, which is an extremely durable and robust material. The chests of drawers are treated with an ultra-matte lacquer that provides a beautiful finish, while protecting against wear and tear. When you choose the iron cabinet option, you get a chest of drawers without drawers, but still with plenty of storage space

    Use the chest of drawers as a raw design element in your home to store books or clothes or use it as a smaller chest of drawers on legs to store your favourite items. Style your iron chest of drawers with an attractive plant or other decorative items to break up the raw, industrial look. An iron chest of drawers can also be used to store wine.

    A sustainable choice

    When you choose an iron or wooden chest of drawers from RackBuddy, you are making a sustainable choice. We believe that solutions, which are long-lasting in design, quality and durability, are more sustainable than solutions made from substandard materials that need to be replaced after a few years. In addition, all wooden and iron chests of drawers are made from sustainably sourced materials. The iron cabinet chests of drawers are made from 100% recycled iron, while the wooden chests of drawers are made from sustainably harvested wood from European certified forestry. With a solution made from hard-wearing quality materials, you're sure to get a chest of drawers that can be passed down through generations and that will delight you and the rest of the family for years to come.

    A chest of drawers on legs can be used in any room

    Whether you need a chest of drawers for the kids, for your bedroom or as extra storage space in the hallway, you can find a solution that matches your needs at RackBuddy. Because our chest of drawers on legs come in a variety of sizes and materials, they can be used in any room and for any type of storage. For example, use a wooden chest of drawers with drawers as a TV unit in the living room, or use an iron chest of drawers in the bathroom for the entire family’s toiletries. Organising your home has never been easier, and with one of the many stylish solutions from RackBuddy, you can create space for the things that are important to you