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RackBuddy Sebastian

Wall-mounted clothes rail

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RackBuddy Sebastian is a smart clothes rail that can be attached to the wall. You can also transform Sebastian to a ceiling-mounted clothes rack!

The wall-mounted clothes rail was named after our buddy Sebastian, who is very good at helping us to stay focused and organised. 

Even though this clothing rail for the wall or ceiling is very simple, it gives you plenty of opportunities to vary your interior. It is very easy to include in your existing interior, as it fits anywhere. You can get it in many different sizes and find exactly the right one for your apartment. It is possible to be installed at the ceiling or at the perfect height for you on the wall. You can even use this rail to hang your clothes on inclined walls. Sebastian is the perfect rack for a smaller bedroom or wardrobe, as it doesn’t use any floor space which leaves you the opportunity to store other things like boxes, shoes or even a drawer underneath.

RackBuddy Sebastian is a rail that does not necessarily need to be used for clothes. It could for example also be an interest

ing way to bring a little bit of nature in your home by hanging up some plants. Just be creative!


The mentioned measurements are the external dimension of the rail. However, in total, 6cm in width have to be added due to the round mountings...


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