KABE Stone - concrete look for your floor.

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KABE Stone coloured filler - concrete look for your floor

KABE Stone is a unique product which is enabling you to give your interior a unique, personal look. KABE Stone is a coloured filler, created by KABE Copenhagen, that can be used on floors or damp areas like the walls of your shower or your kitchen top. KABE Copenhagen is already known in Denmark for their popular coloured filler for walls. 

Are you dreaming of giving your kitchen, bathroom or hallway a raw and industrial make-over? KABE Stone is perfect to create a contrast in a modern, minimalist interior. 

And here is the best thing about it: you can do everything yourself! It is easy to create a concrete look with KABE Stone, which can be used on tiles, table tops and most floor materials. The product is waterproof and can therefore be used in your shower cabin and around the kitchen sink as well. 

No matter at which spot in your home you choose to apply KABE Stone, the result will be a lively surface with a beautiful structure. By using KABE Stone, you will make sure for your home to get an exciting and unique look.