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RackBuddy Saga

Clothes rack in brown oak and silver iron

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RackBuddy Saga is a slim but stable clothes rack in an elegant Nordic design. Saga is the Nordic goddess of history and storytelling. She is associated with great wisdom. 

Saga’s frame is made from robust oak wood which has been given a light brown treatment. In combination with the silver water pipes used for the rail and the shoe shelf, the oak wood is giving the clothes rack a sophisticated look. You will get 100cm of rail space for your favorite clothing items, as well as extra storage space for shoes, bags, and boxes in the bottom. 

Our inspiration for this clothes rack style was the classic A-frame Viking tent that has been used by the Nordic sailors, traders, fighters and plunderers more than a thousand years ago, as they explored and settled other European lands.


Height: 165cm
Width: 119cm
Depth: 33cm


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