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RackBuddy Tor

Clothes rack in brown oak and black iron

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RackBuddy Tor is a robust clothes rack in a dark Nordic design. Tor is the son of Odin and the God of thunder. He is known for being a great fighter that never went anywhere without his hammer Mjölnir.

The frame is made from robust oak wood which has gotten a treatment to achieve its dark brown color. The clothes rail and the shoe shelf in the bottom are made from our classic black iron water pipes. You will get 100cm of space for hanging your jackets, shirts, pants and dresses. 

Our inspiration for this clothes rack style was the classic A-frame Viking tent that has been used by the Nordic sailors, traders, fighters and plunderers more than a thousand years ago, as they explored and settled other European lands.


Height: 165cm
Width: 119cm
Depth: 33cm

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