RackBuddy Elements

RackBuddy Elements

200cm Iron bar

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The RackBuddy Elements Collection bar made of industrial iron allows you to design the open wardrobe system of your dreams.

The bars can be combined freely and can be extended piece by piece. You decide how many bars you place next to each other! They will serve as the base of your system, to which you can add a variety of different elements like shelves, hooks, and rails.

No matter if you are looking for a flexible wardrobe solution, a bookshelf, or a setup for your vertical garden, the Elements Collection can do all of that. You can also easily change the modules as needed if you want a different style, look or functionality. The versatility of this fixture also makes it a great option for clothing stores, as it allows its owner to change the setting easily. 

MEASUREMENTS (not modifiable):
Height: 200cm
Width: 10cm

The bars must be mounted at a distance of 59 cm from the center of one hole to the center of another. We recommend using a bubble level in order to make sure everything is mounted in the correct way. There are 5 vertical holes on each bar, which are at the following height from the bottom edge of the rail:

1st hole - 20cm | 2nd hole - 60cm | 3rd hole - 100cm | 4th hole - 140 cm | 5th hole - 185cm

Check out this video to see how it works. 

The bars are sold per piece. The price is therefore per piece.


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