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RackBuddy Johnny - Iron shelf brackets RackBuddy Johnny - Iron shelf brackets
RackBuddy Johnny
Iron shelf brackets
From €47
RackBuddy Wesley - Iron sturdy shelf brackets RackBuddy Wesley - Iron sturdy shelf brackets
RackBuddy Wesley
Iron sturdy shelf brackets
From €74
Frame Johnny - Brackets for shelves
Frame Johnny
Brackets for shelves
From €54
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Shelf brackets

Do you want your shelves to stand out from the crowd? Find sturdy metal shelf brackets from RackBuddy here and give your shelves a new lease of life. Choose between the stylish shelf brackets in the modern New York design from RackBuddy Originals that give your home an edge or the shelf brackets in a square, minimalistic and Scandinavian look that match the solutions from our Frame collection

Metal shelf brackets

Do you have an old shelf that you want to spruce up a bit, or a beautiful RackBuddy shelf in pine or oak that you would like to find some nice shelf brackets for in a new colour? The sturdy and durable metal shelf brackets ensure perfect attachment of the shelves to the wall, so you're guaranteed a solid solution that can hold a great deal of weight.

Mounting shelf brackets to the shelves gives the room a more open and airier look. Some of the shelf brackets are crafted from iron pipes and fittings, giving them and the rest of the shelf either an industrial design. On the other hand, the stylish square Frame shelf brackets lend a more minimalistic and Nordic expression. Our beautiful shelf brackets add either the raw or minimalist look that characterises RackBuddy and our many home storage solutions.

A shelf from Rackbuddy gives you space for all your things, whether shirts, dresses, jackets, bags, shoes and other favourites, or somewhere for your herbs, spices and cookbooks in the kitchen, or toiletries in the bathroom. 

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with some of our individual shelves and want a solution where they are part of your new shelving system? The shelves are easy to set up to create a shelving system that meets your exact needs

Robust and durable shelf brackets available in a variety of colours

Metal shelf brackets are the robust and durable solution for mounting shelves. Like all our other solutions, our shelf brackets are made from 100% recycled iron and are extremely durable. 

RackBuddy offers shelf brackets in a range of different colours and sizes, making it easy to find a solution that fits your home’s shelves and your specific needs. 

For instance, take a look at the on-trend Blossom Johnny metal shelf brackets which come in three different colours, each with a different look: yellow, lilac and a beige red. These stylish shelf brackets will brighten up your home and can even refresh the look of an old second-hand shelf.  

If you prefer a more raw, industrial look, then you’ll find two variants of our Johnny shelf brackets––one set is in dark iron pipe, while the other is light-coloured. Both shelf brackets are extremely robust and come in two sizes, so you can find a set to suit the depth of your shelf.

If you want a more simple yet stable solution, take a look at our Frame Johnny shelf brackets in a minimalistic design. Choose between matte black or matte white and two different lengths. 

Shelf brackets to support tabletops

Need a unique solution with a set of heavy-duty shelf brackets that can be used to hold more than just shelves? Then you may be looking for RackBuddy Wesley. They are our strongest metal shelf brackets and can support a tabletop, a small kitchen countertop or a heavier shelf.

Why not book a free design meeting so we can chat about how you get the best solution and a shelving system you’ll be happy with and enjoy?

Give your shelves a new look

Buy our popular shelf supports and shelf brackets to give your old shelves a new lease of life. You can easily make your own DIY solution with an old shelf and give it an extra touch with these beautiful metal shelf brackets. It's a great way to update what you already own and can be a sustainable solution to your storage problem. Instead of investing in new materials, simply use our beautiful and sturdy metal shelf brackets and your shelves will last for years to come.

Easy installation of your new shelf brackets

All shelf brackets come with universal plugs and screws, so you have all the tools you need to mount the brackets on your shelves and hang them up afterwards. Keep in mind that the wall may require special wall plugs depending on the material it is made from. If you are unsure whether you can use the supplied wall plugs for your shelf brackets, then please contact us.

Every shelf – including our shelving systems – is made from the classic RackBuddy iron tubes, which can withstand just about anything. That’s why a shelf will also be able to withstand hundreds of kilos because the material is so solid. The wood comes in oak or pine, in light or dark colours and––like the iron pipes––is sturdy enough to take a beating. With a shelf or shelving system, you get a solution that will last for years to come, both in quality and design.