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Tired of standard solutions?

Choose an industrial style wardrobe

Our solutions, in either dark or galvanised pipes, offer both an unpolished and elegant look to your clothes rack, which can fit in both as a surprising, standalone element in your home decor and as one of the main designs in a more classic New Yorker style, where it adds an element inspired by the raw elements of industrial buildings. 

Our cabinets add a fresh take on the wardrobe, complimenting industrial style or contrasting with Scandinavian minimalism. 

As one of architects' favourite materials, expanded metal is as aesthetic a choice as it is functional. It also speaks to RackBuddy's DNA of open, transparent and lightweight solutions that create space instead of taking up space.

The cabinets are also designed and manufactured with years of use in mind. That's why flexibility is so important - both in the solution and as furniture alone.

A solution

For every need

The racks from the Cabinet Collection are available in a variety of combinations, so you can choose the solution that suits you and your needs.

We've tried to create an option for every need, whether you need a solution for your walk-in wardrobe, your living room for storing decorative items, your home office for files, books and practical usage or your hallway as a prominent feature for your and your guests' outerwear. 

The cabinets also come as separate pieces of furniture with legs that are easy to move around should your needs, home size or decor change. The furniture can function as a bedside table, a console table or a TV table. They can also act as a unique feature in your wardrobe or hallway, where extra storage is needed while allowing you to show off your favourites - whether it be books, magazines, shoes, bags or other items.

Whether you prefer shelves, cabinets or hang space - we have a solution for you.

Durable solutions in

Materials from the industry

The industrial steel cabinets have a simple design with references to industry and architecture, where expanded metal is often a favourite for both aesthetics and functionality. Expanded metal is not only produced to use in architecture, decoration and design, but is also widely used in industry for screening, railing, filtration or as a non-slip surface on ramps, stairs and walkways, for example. 

By using materials intended for industry, a durable product is ensured that is made of hard-wearing materials. 

The cabinets are made of steel and not stainless steel and therefore the expanded metal is treated with a super matte lacquer. The colour and finish may appear varied, which is deliberate to match the industrial style - just as when the material is used in the industry and construction.

With this addition to RackBuddy's classic collections, we believe we have created a unique solution in simple, yet extremely sturdy items that are designed to last and make the most of the space in your home.

Exclusive and custom storage

Spoil your wine collection with the ultimate storage from RackBuddy. Get a tailor-made solution with the help of our design team and get exactly the solution that suits your home - and size of your wine collection.