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    Silver walk-in solution. The perfect minimalistic look with an industrial twist. Comes in different sizes so you can create the wardrobe to fit your exact space.Walk-in wardrobe with room for both shirts, pants and a large space for dresses and jackets. A perfect solution to display your entire wardrobe.
    From €222
    The Walk-In 2 row wardrobe system - (2 rails / 2 rails)The Walk-In 2 row wardrobe system - 2 rails / 2 rails
    From €245
    The Walk-In 3 row wardrobe system - (2 rails / 1 rail / 2 rails)The Walk-In 3 row wardrobe system - 2 rails / 1 rail / 2 rails
    The Walk-In 3 row wardrobe system
    (2 rails / 1 rail / 2 rails)
    From €340
    The Walk-In 3 row wardrobe system - (2 rails / 2 rails / 2 rails)The Walk-In 3 row wardrobe system - 2 rails /2 rails/ 2 rails
    The Walk-In 3 row wardrobe system
    (2 rails / 2 rails / 2 rails)
    From €320
    Corner clothes rack with two rows made with silver pipesCorner clothes rack with two rows made with dark pipes
    RackBuddy Boswell
    Corner clothes rack with two rows
    From €343
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    Open wardrobes with rails

    Find an open wardrobe system that matches your design and storage space needs at RackBuddy. In our range of open wardrobe solutions, you can find the open wardrobe system that makes sense for your home.

    Open wardrobe system with space for all your clothes

    Organising your wardrobe of clothes, shoes and accessories is not always easy if you want a neat and tidy result. With an open wardrobe from RackBuddy, you won’t run out of hanging space. Our vision is to create solutions that make space. So, whether it’s shirts, dresses, jackets or other favourites, you’ll find an open wardrobe system that can accommodate it all. At RackBuddy, it’s easy to put together an open wardrobe with everything you need––several of the different modules fit together to create the perfect open wardrobe system. 

    If you’re looking for a simple solution, a minimalist wardrobe such as the walk-in 1 row wardrobe system or the walk-in 2 row wardrobe system could be a match for you. They can also be combined if you want a bit of both. If you need a little more hanging space, you might want to take a closer look at the walk-in 3 row wardrobe system which, as the name suggests, features 3 rows of hanging space. 

    If you need an open wardrobe system that fits in the corner of your bedroom, hallway or entrance, then you need the RackBuddy Boswell. Remember that you can combine several modules if you have a specific solution in mind. Perhaps you’ve found a beautiful shelving system with shelves or a clothes rack that you think would go well with an open wardrobe system. Don’t hesitate to contact us––we’ll find the solution you need.

    An open wardrobe as a custom solution

    Do you have specific needs for your open wardrobe? Perhaps you have a unique idea that you simply must try? For example, do you need an open wardrobe for your entrance or hallway that needs to fit into just a few square metres? Or do you need an open wardrobe system that can be used as a walk-in closet? At RackBuddy, anything is possible! We let creativity flow and welcome all new ideas. Book an appointment for a free design meeting and together we’ll find a customised solution that matches your wishes so you get an open wardrobe that creates the space you need

    With RackBuddy, we challenge the standards of storage solutions so you can easily incorporate practicality with design thus utilising every inch of your open and minimalistic wardrobe.

    Simple look with a minimalistic wardrobe

    As with all RackBuddy products and solutions, you get a simple, clean look. Here you'll find everything you need for a minimalistic wardrobe where clothes are the cornerstone. The iron pipes come in natural iron colours in light and dark shades and are available in several different size combinations. With an open wardrobe system, you get a New York-style storage solution that blends effortlessly into most spaces. 

    A sustainable solution that’s designed to last for years to come

    At RackBuddy, we believe that long-lasting solutions made of good quality materials are the way forward when thinking about sustainable initiatives. All open wardrobe systems are made from iron pipes, which are produced from 100% recycled iron and because it is such a robust and raw material, you get a minimalistic wardrobe that will last for years to come. This is because the material is high quality, robust and because all RackBuddy solutions are made in a beautiful, yet raw, timeless design.