WoodUpp wood panelling

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At RackBuddy, we have made it easy for you to take the nature inside your home in a new and different way. With the help of the elaborate wood panels developed by the Danish company WoodUpp, you can easily create your own wooden wall effect at any place of your home. An inside wooden wall is an upgrade to any room and an absolute must-have if you love Scandinavian interior design.

No matter whether you decide to reface your wall with oak- or pine wood, the panelling will give your room the certain something, a rustic look that is creating a cozy and charming ambience.

Wood panelling can also be an interesting solution for the interior design of restaurants, cafes, offices and more, as it is contributing to a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

The panelling are sent in packs of smaller panels that cover 1sqm of surface. In case you want to decorate a wall that has a special corner or includes a door or window frame, you can simply saw the panels to the exact size you need.

WoodUpp’s solution of wood panelling helps you to avoid a huge effort to create a new look for your walls: everything you need in order to fix the panels to the wall, such as agglutinant and caulking gun, is already included in the package we send you.

We have decorated a wall in our RackBuddy showroom with the panels in Antique brown oak. Come visit us or check out our Instagram in order to see the beautiful result.