5 Genius Tips to Optimize Storage for Slanted Ceilings

Are you struggling with creating storage in a room with a slanted ceiling and slanted walls? If you are the lucky owner of a room with slanted ceilings, you are most likely fully aware that while the space can be utterly charming, it is no easy task to decorate it. You might even have encountered issues with furnishing the space and optimizing the storage possibilities. Having slanted walls creates an issue, as you can not simply run to your regular interior shops and buy furniture that will fit. But fret not, we might have the perfect solution for your slanted wall space, and not least good tips for how to tackle the challenge of decorating a room with slanted walls.

At RackBuddy, we’ve tackled many awkward spaces and rooms and have five genius tips to help you make the most of your slanted wall space. Many of our interior and design products are created to fit perfectly into spaces with slanted ceilings and to optimize your space and storage, even when these room shapes make it harder to work with. Read along for our 5 genius tips to optimize your storage and transform your room with slanted ceilings with these clever ideas.

1. Attach a clothes rail on the slanted wall - Play around with our RackBuddy Joey

When it comes to clothing storage in a space with slanted ceilings, a great way to store and display your favorite clothes or outerwear is to attach a clothing rail to the wall.

The RackBuddy Joey is a wall-mounted clothes rail that’s perfect if you don’t want to take up any floor space and visually display your favorite outfits. You can customize the depth of the clothes rail and attach it directly to your slanted ceiling. This simple hack allows you to hang your clothes neatly, adding new life to your wall and optimizing the space at the same time. It is a great idea to create a closet in a space with slanted walls.

Why choose RackBuddy Joey for your slanted ceiling decoration?

• The clothing rail is a space saver: It allows you to free up valuable floor space for other furniture pieces or simply add more room, space, and air into the room.
 You can customize the rail: Adjust the depth to suit your needs, as if it were tailormade to fit the exact measurements of your unique space.
• Include an aesthetic appeal: Turn your wall into a stylish display by hanging your favorite outfits on the clothes rail.

RackBuddy Joey wall-mounted clothes rail for slanted ceilings in dark pipes
Clothes rail for tilted walls made out of dark water pipes

2. Create and customize your Walk-in dream closet

Looking for a storage solution to place under the stair case or on slanted walls? In this case, a custom walk-in solution is ideal. For this solution, you’re able to create your walk-in closet in a slanted space according to size and what features you wish to include in the walk-in. Hang clothes, display your shoe collection on our shelves, and fold smaller items in a chest of drawers. This custom solution works beautifully for both dressing rooms and entrances or any room with slanted ceilings.

Why a custom wardrobe for rooms with slanted ceilings?

• It allows for versatile storage: Hang, display, and fold your items all in one place.
• It includes tailored design: Fit the walk-in to your room’s exact dimensions as if it were built for the room.
• It is elegant and functional: Combine functionality with a chic look that allows you to feature and display your favorite items, while at the same time staying organized and optimizing your space.

Custom storage solution under the stairs with shelves and chest of drawersCustom wardrobe for slanted ceilings

3. Use the Space for Your Accessories

If one side of your room has a very low ceiling, optimize this space with a shoe rack or some shelves to fully optimize the space. Store smaller accessories like handbags, jewelry, or shoe boxes, while keeping everything organized and in the spotlight. Our shoe rack and shelves combine classic oak and dark water pipes, which adds an elegant touch to any room and gives you another great idea for creating ample closet storage in a room with slanted ceilings.

Why include accessory storage in a room with slanted walls?

• It lets you utilize low spaces: Shelves and shoe racks are perfect for areas with low ceilings that don’t allow you to place regular furniture up against the walls.
Organize better: Keep smaller items neat, accessible, and on display.
• Create a stylish look: Enhance your room with a mix of oak and industrial pipes. 

Shoe rack in classic oak and dark pipes to store shoes under a slanted ceiling

4. Turn Your Attic into a Walk-In Closet

Transforming an attic can be challenging and often attics aren’t fully optimized to reach their full potential. A shame! But with flexible products and a creative mind, you can turn the attic with slanted walls into an impressive open wardrobe. RackBuddy can help you make the most of those nooks and awkward spaces with our products that suggest amazing closet ideas for spaces with slanted walls.

Why go for an attic walk-in closet?

Make creative use of space with slanted walls: Turn challenging spaces into functional storage and utilize the full space.
Build an open wardrobe: Keep everything visible and accessible.
• Enjoy the personalized fit: RackBuddy’s solutions and product range allow you to create custom solutions for your unique space.

Custom Walk-in closet in the attic with beige pipes, classic oak shelves and drawers
Custom Walk-in in the attic with double hanging rails and mirror in dark water pipes


5. Maximize your space with custom-built storage

For a tailored approach to fit the exact angles of your space, consider customized storage solutions that incorporate shelves and integrated chests of drawers designed to fit the contours of your slanted ceiling. Using classic oak shelves and dressers, you can create a seamless and functional storage area. Whether you want to use the storage for clothing, as a TV and media furniture piece, or something else, the custom-built storage allows you to create and decorate your space as you wish.

Why go for fitted furniture?

• It has the perfect fit: By choosing fitted furniture, you can create storage space that is tailored to your room's unique angles. This approach allows you to utilize the full storage space available.
Integrated design: Combine shelves and drawers for a cohesive look that allows you to display certain items and create an exclusive look with products that feature classic oak.
Include elegant materials: Use classic oak for a timeless and sophisticated touch to elevate your space.

Custom storage solution with oak shelves and drawers for slanted ceilings

Ready to start optimizing your slanted ceiling space?

Feeling inspired by these tips on how to create closet and storage solutions for a space with slanted walls?  Email us or book an online meeting, and we’ll help you create your dream storage solution and let your dreams come true. Don’t let slanted ceilings or tilted walls limit your storage possibilities. With the right approach, you can turn any awkward space into a stylish and functional area, and we are more than ready to make this happen.