Jakob Zimmermann has used RackBuddy products to store cycling clothes, shoes, and helmets. 

Should one even have a bike room?

On Instagram, we often see that our customers' posts about Rackbuddy storage solutions for bikes generate a lot of interest. A bike room might seem unnecessary to some, but for cycling enthusiasts, it's a must. Storing bikes indoors protects them from the weather and theft, ensuring they last longer.


Our Customer´s Personal Bike Room with RackBuddy 

Our customer wanted a solution that was both practical and stylish in a small 10-square-meter room. With Rackbuddy's raw and minimalist design, he could customize shelves and wall-mounted clothes racks to fit his needs perfectly. He chose dark pine wood and dark water pipes, which both store and highlight his cycling gear. Now, all his equipment is organized and easily accessible, making his bike room an aesthetic and functional sanctuary.

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