Founders of Copenhagen: Rosé.dk

Introducing our brand-new series, "Founders of Copenhagen," where we'll be diving into the captivating stories of innovative minds shaping Denmark's entrepreneurial landscape.

And who better to kick things off than Mads Ulrick, the mastermind behind Rosé.dk! Join us on this journey as we explore Denmark through the lens of remarkable individuals who've made their mark. From humble beginnings to significant achievements, these stories are bound to inspire.

Rosé.dk, much like our own RackBuddy, started as a passion project and blossomed into something more significant. Together with two friends, Mads embarked on a mission fueled by their shared love for wine, particularly from Provence.

Curious to see how we transformed a simple room into a stunning wine cellar to house Mads' extensive collection? Dive into the video and see the impressive result!