RackBuddy Design competition

Design. Create. Build.

RackBuddy Design competition

Design. Create. Build.



At RackBuddy, we love design and getting inspired. Therefor we now invite the best and most creative minds and hardworking hands at Design School Kolding to a unique and inspiring design competition. The winner will receive a grant of € 3.000 as well as the opportunity to have a design produced and sold at RackBuddy under ones own name.

How to apply


The task is simple. With RackBuddy's existing materials and components, you are to design your ownunique solution for a storage system. The only requirements for the design are:

You can use existing RackBuddy materials and elements - we will send them to you

The design should reflect your own personal style while still serving as storage

Only your imagination is the limit in regards to creativity and customization


To ensure that we are able to put the winning design into production, please use the already existing materials from RackBuddy.

However, you are welcome to paint and/or customize accordingly, so it fits your vision and design. In this way, the creative freedom is ensured under the framework necessary to be able to win the competition.

See the components available in the PDF and online

Open PDF


Send an application with a short film and accurate photo of yourself to design@rackbuddy.dk no later than Tuesday April 6th and tell us about*:

1.     What thoughts have you had about the project?

2.     Why is it important for you to win?

3.     Which materials do you work with?

4.     We would love to see drawings, sketches or a portfolio, but it is not a requirement

5.     A short introduction of yourself, including: 

           Full name 
           Your background
            Which programme and semester you are enrolled at

* Deadline is no longer Thursday March 25th but now Tuesday April 6th.


You will receive a 3.000 design scholarship to kickstart your career. RackBuddy will also put your design into production and will be sold exclusively in the webshop and RackBuddy’s Design Labs in Copenhagen and Esbjerg.


During the competition, we will visit the participants to film behind the scenes material, interview the participants and to get to know their challenges, process and thoughts. We would very much like you to make a video diary on your phone during the process, which we will subsequently use in a case video. You are, of course, more than welcome to post content about your participation in the competition on your social media channels to tell friends and family, that they will be able to help you win. This is however, not a requirement to participate.

Elements we would kindly ask you to send:

   1 video application
   1 short describiton about you
   1 accurate photo of yourself
   1 video diary recorded from your phone
   1 final presentation of your design and a description:

PDF, video, collage, drawing ect. That can be included as material for the final presentation of your project and design.


If you have any questions in regard to the competition, your material, production or similar, dont hesitate to reach out to us. You can always contact us at:

RackBuddy reserves the right to use design and submitted materials in connection with sales and marketing under the name RackBuddy®.

The rights to the design are therefore assigned to RackBuddy, which has the option of putting it into production. It might be necessary with smaller adjustments of the design, to make it possible for it to go into production. By submitting images, videos, drawings and other material, you consent to RackBuddy using this for marketing and sales purposes both offline and online on the website and on social media.

You shall use the components and materials that are already in production at RackBuddy. However, you are welcome to paint and/or customize accordingly, so it fits your vision and design. Take a look at rackbuddy.com to find inspiration and materials.
Yes, we can help you out with a 3D drawing of your design, as we have special software programmes to do so with RackBuddy’s elements and components.
Before you start welding components or elements together, feel free to contact us beforehand, as we are aware of pitfalls and challenges that can occur in regards to production.
Only fully submitted applications, including submitting video applications, will be considered in order to enter the competition.
Only one student can apply for the competition. You are more than welcome to get help or assistance but only the person applying can compete in the competition to win.

Do you have any questions, send us an e-mail design@rackbuddy.dk