Chalk Board coloured filler

With the coloured filler from KABE Copenhagen, the wall achieves a unique concrete look. KABE filler gives life to the room with an exciting and vibrant surface that is beautiful to both see and touch.

When you buy KABE filler, you receive a set of 1 x 10Liter filler and 1 x topcoating to seal the surface, so it gets a unique look and dirt will not stick to the wall.

1 set of KABE filler covers 5-7 square metres

How do you do it?
Apply 2 coats of the filler to the wall and finish with 2 coats of the topcoating. The product can be applied to all solid surfaces like plaster, brick wall, concrete, plaster, felt, fabric, wallpaper and painted surfaces – loose paper should be removed before use.

What do you need?
It is a good idea to use a dust sheet to protect the floor and you should use a trowel to apply KABE to the wall

Detailed instructions are included

KABE is not intended for use in damp areas


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