Dusty Jade - coloured filler for the floor

Dusty Jade - coloured filler for the floor 

Transform your floor to have a concrete look, create a unique shower cabin or give your old table top a beautiful makeover with KABE Stone. 

This special filler is durable and water resistant and can therefore withstand moisture and heavy furniture without changing its structure. This is the perfect way to give your home an exciting and industrial look. 

When you order KABE Stone, you will get a set containing the following:

1 x 5L coloured filler
1 x 0,5L primer 
1 x 1L topcoat - choose in between matte and shiny 

1 set of KABE Stone is covering a surface of 5 square meters. 

How is KABE Stone applied to to the surface? 

First, the area is treated with the primer. A layer of the filler is then applied onto the surface in a manner that is as flat and as even as possible. After drying for at least 6 hours, the surface is ground in circular movements and the primer is applied again. In a last step, the area is given two treatments with the topcoat. 

The product can be applied to most surfaces such as wood, ties, concrete and more. It is only important that the surface is flat, dry and free of dust and oily or loose materials. 

With the order, you will get a usage instruction guide. You will also soon be able to find a video guide on how to use KABE Stone here.


How long does it take to apply KABE Stone? 

You should expect to take at least 3 days. The duration of the process is of course dependent on the size of the surface, your technique and your experience with DIY projects.