KABEcopenhagen tool kit

Tool Kit to help you apply KABEcopenhagen coloured filler in concrete look 

If you want to apply your new KABEcopenhagen coloured filler to your wall, it is essentail that you have the right tools to do so. This makes your work much easier and the end result will be perfect.

We have picked tools that will help immensely to achieve the look of your dreams:

1 spatula 20cm - perfect for small corners where precision is needed
1 spatula 40cm - ideal for applying KABEcopenhagen to big surfaces 
1 set of gloves - protection for your hands while applying
1 cloth - to apply the top coat
1 small broom - to clean up dust
1 roll of sand paper - to roughen the surface on your wall in between coats
1 sanding block - for your sand paper


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