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Leatherish Dark Brown

Dark brown leather & hanging strips covered with dark brown

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RackBuddy Leatherish clothing racks made of dark brown PU leather with dark brown PU leather straps
The RackBuddy Leatherish solution consists of stable clothing racks covered with dark brown PU leather and straps made of dark brown PU leather. The solution is flexible and does not take up much space. It is therefore ideal for smaller rooms or apartments with a few square meters. The combination with a few simple materials indicates a quality-conscious, Scandinavian design culture that is completely in line with the ideas and demands of RackBuddy. The clothes racks are very stable so that all items of clothing can easily be hung on the rack. Only the ceiling limits the capacity of the rack.
The entire collection is based on the idea of using only simple materials such as oak, iron pipe and PU leather...


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