RackBuddy Leatherish clothes rack made of light brown PU leather with straps made of light brown straps
The RackBuddy Leatherish clothing racks are based on the desire for a light and functional wardrobe solution that consists of only a few simple materials. The light brown PU leather and a light brown bar covered in leather create a minimalist wardrobe solution with corners and edges. The racks hint to nature and the Scandinavian interior style. Further, it gives every room a wardrobe solution with a lot of personalities. At the same time, the solution convinces due to the almost floating design and does not occupy any space of the floor. The leather straps are durable and adjustable and can be adjusted according to your wishes, your taste and your needs. The clothing racks from the Leatherish collection offer you the opportunity to change individual elements if your needs or tastes should change - a flexible and very durable solution for a clothing rack!

Create your own solution with a stable clothes rack
The collection comes with straps of light brown, dark brown or black PU leather and pipes of wood, silver or black iron. You also have the option of replacing the straps if you want a new or different look. Danish design from the finest.
In addition, it is possible to acquire separate screws for the end in brass for an individual finish. Because of the many different combination options, there is a suitable clothing rack for every living and furnishing style.
If the rack should fit between two walls, it is particularly important that the dimensions are specified exactly. The pipe has a diameter of 28 mm.

Adjustable straps - the size of the straps from the ceiling to hang are 74-124 cm and with 4 cm width. The two straps are each mounted to the ceiling with two screws and plugs.

For each strap, 2 screws are needed. Universal screws and plugs are included in the scope of delivery and come in the color matching to your rack.

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Leatherish Light Brown

leather straps & hanging pipe covered with light brown leather
Item number: RB-20-0018-03
€58 €117

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