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Leatherish Light Brown

Light brown leather strap & black iron pipe

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RackBuddy Leatherish clothes rack made of black iron pipe with straps made of light brown PU leather
The RackBuddy Leatherish collection sets new standards in terms of functionality and simplicity, while creating the illusion of more space in the room, which is ideal for a smaller home. The light brown PU leather and the black iron pipe create an industrial New York loft look with Nordic undertones, which give the entire room more corners and edges.
The relationship to nature finds more expression in this constellation and unfolds its character. The leather straps are durable and adjustable and can therefore be adjusted according to your wishes and needs. If your taste changes, this clothing rack can be adjusted quickly and easily, because you have the option of changing the straps, the ending screws, the PU leather coat for the pipe or the pipe itself...


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