RackBuddy Billy Silver Clothing Rack

RackBuddy Billy Silver - clothing rack with shelf and hook

Billy Silver is a stable and practical rack in galvanised iron. This rack has two pipes at the bottom and a top shelf made out of wood. You can easily store shoes on the lower shelf and use the wooden top shelf to store hats and gloves or you can decorate it with plants and boxes.

On one side of the stand you can find a hook on which you can easily hang a jacket, bag or scarves.

Billy Silver is a nice clothing rack for your entrance or bedroom, where it is often hard to find a solution that can fulfill all needs. With its many storage options, Billy Silver is a functional blessing in everyday life.

It is available in both light and dark shelf.

Depth 30cm | Height 158cm | Choose from multiple widths

NOTE: The width of the clothes rack is defined by the shelf. If you order a 120cm rack, it's the shelf that's 120cm and not the hanger. Additionally, the hook adds about 11cm.

Wood Type

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