RackBuddy Freja - clothes rack

Freja - Nordic style clothes rack in black oak and silver iron 

RackBuddy Freja is a stable clothes rack in a simple Scandinavian design.

Freja was the goddess of love and fertility. The legends say that she was very beautiful. RackBuddy Freja combines a frame of almost black oak wood, with rails made from silver industrial pipes. This clothes rack is very easy to build up and down and can therefore be moved as much as you wish. It offers you 100cm of rail space for your clothes, but also has a smart storing solution in the bottom fitting shoes, bags, boxes and more.

Our inspiration for this clothes rack style was the classic A-frame Viking tent that has been used by the Nordic sailors, traders, fighters and plunderers more than a thousand years ago, as they explored and settled other European lands.

Height 165cm
Width 112cm
Depth 31cm

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