RackBuddy Frame Collection

RackBuddy Pier Limited edition

Pink clothes rack with a square bottom

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With this limited edition rack, Little Pier, you are guaranteed an added colour splash to your home. The Frame Collection emphasizes the guiding principles of our solutions giving space instead of taking up space. With the smaller version of our popular rack, we are giving even the smallest spaces the opportunity to add a Frame to it – no matter if it is your walk-in wardrobe, bedroom, bathroom or hallway, the Little Frame racks will be able to fit. The geometric rack focuses on functionality while adding elegance to any space. This limited edition is made in a classic, yet fashion forward colour, adding the trends from the runways to your home. Hang your favorite coats, jackets or dresses and show your personal style with this stand-alone rack. With this splash of colour, you are adding much personality to your space.

The simple design is a tribute to the Scandinavian design principles of simplicity. As one of the many characteristics of Danish design, we see the importance in the combination of good design and good quality. We use sturdy materials and turn them into light and stylish solutions that last a lifetime. A RackBuddy is a partner for life.

The philosophy of our Frame Collection is where craft meets art, with all racks named after some of the world’s most beloved and famous artists. They should be a frame to your canvas to display your favourite pieces. Made from welded iron, the racks can sport a lot of clothes or outerwear.

The limited edition colour is only produced in 99 pieces - so don’t miss out!

RackBuddy Little Pier rack comes with silver screws, but you can buy other colored screws for the rack.

Height: 160cm | Width: 65cm | Depth: 40cm...


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