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Clothes rail between two walls

SKU: RB-08-0038-01

  • 0-50cm €78.00
  • 51-100cm €85.00
  • 101-150cm €89.00
  • 151-190cm €96.00
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With our RackBuddy Logan Silver, you can finally order a clothing rail made of silver waterpipes between two walls! As we cut the pipe to your exact measures, you can just tell us how far away the walls are from each other in the comment box. A completely customised clothing rail is waiting for you.

RackBuddy Logan is the ideal solution for your hallway or your walk-in closet that is waiting to be equipped with a stylish Scandinavian clothing rail. The clothing rail constructed out of silver waterpipe can even be used as a rail for your curtains and is an eyecatcher and must-have for everyone who wants an industrial interior!

Our Logan Silver clothing rail is custom made and can be ordered in 4 size ranges.

How do I order?

If you need a clothing rail that fits exactly between two walls, it is very important that your measures are extremely exact. We suggest that you use a laser to measure the width to be occupied. A folding yardstick is also fine.

As soon as you know the distance between the walls, write the measurements in the note field. 

Please make sure that the measures are exact, as we do not offer returns.


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