RackBuddy Loke - clothes rack

Loke - Nordic style clothes rack in black oak and black iron

RackBuddy Loke is a durable clothes rack made from natural materials such as oak wood and iron.

The legends tell that Loke was the son of giants. RackBuddy Loke is the darkest model of the Nordic Collection, as Loke is a very ambivalent character in the Norse Mythology, as he sometimes helped the Gods, but sometimes he also fought against them.

The frame is made from quality oak wood which has been treated to a dark brown, almost black color. The rail and the shoe shelf are made from the same black iron water pipes as used in our Original Collection. On 100cm of rail, you can decorate and store your favorite clothing items. 

Our inspiration for this clothes rack style was the classic A-frame Viking tent that has been used by the Nordic sailors, traders, fighters and plunderers more than a thousand years ago, as they explored and settled other European lands.

Height 165cm
Width 112cm
Depth 31cm

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