RackBuddy Marlow Silver - wall-mounted clothes rail with shelf

RackBuddy Marlow Silver - wall-mounted clothes rail with shelf

The wall-mounted clothes rail called Marlow Silver is an iconic piece of furniture. The rack descents from our wall-hung Joey, as it is based on the same thought, but is also enhanced with a wooden shelf. 

Marlow Silver is ideal for almost all purposes, including a living room, walk-in closet, clothing store, entryway and everything else. It is light and elegant, as it does not occupy space on your floor. With a high quality wooden shelf above the rail, you are able to make the rack a part of your own dream. It can be styled with flowers, plants, boxes, pictures, jewellery and other accessories.

The wooden shelf is available in three different nuances, which can be chosen from the menu on the right.

Shelf depth 30cm | Total depth out from the wall 40cm | Choose between several lengths!

Attention: Note that the length is defined by the total external dimension of the shelf, so the rail to hang clothes on is shorter than the width indicated below. Screws for the wall are not included, but you can purchase them here

shelf color
Light pine
Dark stained pine

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