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RackBuddy Shelfie

modular shelving system with 2 supports

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The RackBuddy Shelfie modular shelving system is a great storage solution for your wall that you can use just by itself to create some extra storage space, or in combination with our other wardrobe products made from black iron pipes

The shelves are available in several widths from 80 to 120cm. You can further choose, how many rows of shelves you need. Further, if in the future you decide that you need more shelf-space, you can simply order some extra rows and add them to your existing system. 

The wooden shelves have a depth of 30cm and are therefore giving you enough space to store folded shirts, shoes, books or boxes. Use them to store cups and glasses in your kitchen, books and documents in your office, or turn one corner of your living room into a library - it is completely up to you. 

The modular shelving system is available in three different wood colours: dark pine or light pine. 

Distance between the shelves: approx. 39cm

Total depth: 35cm 

Universal screws and plugs are included in the scope of delivery and come in the colour matching to your rack



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