RackBuddy Sif - clothes rack

RackBuddy Sif - Nordic style clothes rack in natural oak and silver iron

RackBuddy Sif is a stable clothes rack in a simple Scandinavian design.

Sif is said to be the wife of Thor and was known for her golden hair, which is why we chose the light oak wood. RackBuddy Sif consists of a wooden oak frame in a natural color, as well as a rail and shoe shelf made from the same industrial silver pipes as in our Silver Collection. No matter if you use it in your entryway or bedroom, this clothes rack will make your wardrobe shine. You will get 100cm of space to hang your shirts, pants, jackets and dresses, as well as extra storage space for shoes and boxes in the bottom of the clothes rack. RackBuddy Sif is standing freely on the ground and can easily be moved.

Our inspiration for this clothes rack style was the classic A-frame Viking tent that has been used by the Nordic sailors, traders, fighters and plunderers more than a thousand years ago, as they explored and settled other European lands.


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