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RackBuddy Cabinet ceiling-mounted

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Add an industrial and unique look to your decor with this ceiling-mounted cabinet.
The Iron Cabinets mark a new way to add storage to RackBuddy's open systems and meet a need for additional space that can also showcase home favorites in an open solution – this one is perfectly suited for the kitchen, with a place to store supplies, glassware or your favorite ceramics. This solution gives you options as a beautiful, functional piece of furniture as well as a practical unit, that stores your items in a decorative way.

Our steel cabinets come in a simple, yet stylish design with references to industry and architecture, where expanded metal is a very popular material - both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Expanded metal is not only produced to use in architecture, decoration and design, but is also widely used in industry for screening, railing, filtering or as a non-slip surface on ramps, stairs and walkways.

We have made the choice to use materials intended for the industry to ensure a stable, durable product made of hard-wearing materials. At the same time, you get a true industrial look. The cabinets add a fresh take on interior, complimenting or adding contrast to your style. With this addition to RackBuddy's classic collections, we believe we have created a unique solution in simple, yet extremely sturdy items that are designed to last and make the most of the space in your home.

Choose between three cabinet sizes. You can see the exact measurements for each size in the sketches.

The cabinet in the product photo is 70cm with shelves and we chose to only use a shelf in the left compartment. 

Please note that the 40cm cabinet has one compartment, the 70cm cabinet has two compartments and the 110cm cabinet has three compartments. The cabinets shown in the product pictures are 70cm wide. As a reference for the other sizes, you can see our free-standing 40cm cabinet and our free-standing 110cm cabinet.

The weight of the system ranges from 10kg to 28kg depending on the size and option you choose. Please make sure in advance that your ceiling can carry this weight. If you are unsure, we recommend asking a handyman for help.
We send universal plugs and screws with all orders. These might not be the best plugs and screws for your ceiling.

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