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Leatherish Light Brown

Straps in light brown PU-leather

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RackBuddy Leatherish – Vegan straps in light brown PU-leather
In the new collection of hanging clothes racks from RackBuddy, emphasizes minimalism expression with straps in black leather made out of durable material. The opportunity to buy the straps separately, makes it possible to create your own clothes rack without any affection of robustness and stability. The straps are adjustable ceiling hangings. The straps are made out of durable PU-leathers – and can stand almost everything, it is only a matter of how strong your ceiling is. The straps in light brown express a light clean natural line.

Make your solution with leather straps
The collections are available in light brown, dark brown and black PU-leather. It is possible to by the leather cases and screws in brass separately, so you can assemble and decorate your own work. The straps can be combined with self-selected pipes up to 30 mm in diameter. The light brown straps provide a unique solution for your interior design and style – it’s all about Danish design.

Adjustable straps - the size of the straps from the ceiling to hang are 74-127 cm and with 4 cm width. The two straps are each mounted to the ceiling with two screws and plugs. 

Universal screws and plugs are included in the scope of delivery and come in the colour matching to your rack.

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