The Walk-in

The Walk-In 3 row wardrobe system

(2 rails / 4 shelves / 1 rail + 2 shelves)

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Create your very own personal walk-in closet with this design, which gives you plenty of shelf space spread over the six wooden shelves as well as hanger space on rails at two different levels. With this module, you get endless possibilities to create a unique and personal expression - and to change the look of your stand just when you want. The shelves are adjustable in height, hence you can decide how much space you need in between them.

Choose between dark or silver pipes. The shelves are available in light pine, dark pine and oak wood.

Height: 205cm

Depth: The rails are 30cm from the wall. The shelf is 30cm in depth which means there will be a small gap between shelf and wall. The external depth will therefore be approximately 40cm.

Width: The width is dependent on which variant you choose. You can choose different options below. Please note, that the numbers below are showing the pipe lengths that we are using for your rack, not the external measurements. You will therefore have to add them together and add approximately 20cm for the total width. 
E.g. if you choose 80cm/80cm/80cm, the rack will be approximately 260cm in width. The shelf will have measurements of 80x30cm.

All necessary screws and plugs are included in the scope of delivery and come in the colour matching to your rack

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