This clothes rack has a bit of everything. A perfect walk-in solution that's as functional as it is stylish, with space to hang your clothes and show off your favourites - either on the two shelves or in the iron cabinet. The shelves come in the same expanded metal as the cabinet, giving a great cohesive design.

The iron cabinet is a new way to add storage to RackBuddy's open wardrobe systems and meets a need for additional storage that can also showcase wardrobe favourites - whether it's shoes, bags or clothes folded neatly; the solution gives you options with extra storage space.

The industrial cabinets feature a simple design with references to raw industry and architecture, where expanded metal is often a favourite when it comes to aesthetics as well as functionality. Expanded metal is not only manufactured with usage in architecture, decoration and design in mind, but is also widely used in industry for screening, filtration and as a non-slip surface on stairs and walkways.

We choose to use materials intended for industry to ensure a durable product made from hard-wearing materials. The raw iron pays homage to classic Scandinavian design and fits in with Nordic interior design. The solution appears with a simple and minimalist look, yet looks modern and relevant with the industrial touch.

This solution is easy to combine with other solutions from The Walk-In Collection, for example if you need more shelf or hanging space.
If you would like help tailoring your dream solution, our expert customer service team can help you here.

Choose between dark or silver pipes for the rack.

Material: Iron pipes, either dark or galvanised. The cabinets and shelves are made of expanded steel with a super matte finish. Please note that this is not stainless steel. The lacquer will become more worn over time, so particular attention should be paid to the fact that there will therefore be a chance of rust appearing through continuous contact with water.
Cleaning: Wipe with a dry cloth.

Screws and universal plugs are included and come in the colour that compliments your rack.

Item number

Product measurements
Frequently Asked Questions
Product measurements
Product measurements

Please note that the 40cm cabinet has one compartment, the 70cm cabinet has two compartments and the 110cm cabinet has three compartments. The cabinets shown in the product pictures are 70cm wide. As a reference for the other sizes, you can see our free standing 40cm cabinet and our free standing 110cm cabinet.

Height: 205cm
Width: see text below**
Total depth of rack inkl. cabinet: 50cm
Measurements cabinet: height 40cm/ depth 40cm/ width see text above***
Shelf: depth 30cm/ width see text below**

**Width: The width is dependent on which variant you choose. Please be aware that the measurements you choose mark the length of the pipe/width of the shelf we use for your rack, not the external measurements. To calculate the total width you will therefore have to add them together and add approximately 15cm.
E.g. if you choose 50cm/ 50cm, your rack will be approximately 115cm in width.
***Please note for the width of the cabinet: To be able to fit the cabinet into the system the cabinet has to be approximately 10cm shorter than the pipe/shelf above. So under a 50cm pipe the cabinet is 40cm wide, under a 80cm pipe the cabinet is 70cm wide and under a 120cm pipe the cabinet is 110cm wide.

As an example you can find a sketch with the measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Product measurements
Product measurements
Frequently Asked Questions

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The Walk-In with cabinet

(1 hang + 1 cabinet / 1 hang + 2 shelves)
Item number: RB-16-0034-01
€474 €632
Width50 / 50cm
Pipe colorDark

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Width €474
50 / 50cm Variant combination available
50 / 80cm Variant combination available
50 / 120cm Variant combination available
80 / 80cm Variant combination available
Pipe color €474
Dark Variant combination available
Silver Variant combination available
Shelf €474
With Variant combination available
Without Variant combination available