The Dresser Collection

The Walk-In with dressers

(1 rail + 1 dresser / 4 shelves / 1 rail + 1 dresser)

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Create an exclusive walk-in wardrobe with this ultimate solution. With this solution, you’ll get enough space for both clothes to be hung and to display your favorite items on the four shelves.

The wooden dressers, which each come with 2 push-open drawers, making this the perfect combination of hang space and visible and hidden storage. With the combination of the two wooden dressers with the elegant waterpipes, the wardrobe looks minimalistic, yet warm and welcoming.

With enough space to hang your favorites dress, shirt, jacket, coat, or blazer, the shelves can show your full shoe collection or favorite bags. The solution is also ideal as storage and display in living room settings as well as the home office, where storage is essential...


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