Clothes racks in oak wood

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RackBuddy Jesper
RackBuddy Jesper

clothes rack

RackBuddy Majbritt - clean design clothes rack made of oak wood
RackBuddy Majbritt

clothes rack

RackBuddy Monika - simple & elegant clothes rack made from oak wood
RackBuddy Monika

clothes rack

RackBuddy Line - double clothes rack with plenty of space
RackBuddy Line

clothes rack

RackBuddy Signe - unique clothes rail made out of oak wood
RackBuddy Signe

clothes rack

RackBuddy Thomas - clothes rack/ room divider made of oak wood
RackBuddy Thomas

clothes rack

RackBuddy Kasper - stable clothes rack made of oak wood
RackBuddy Kasper

clothes rack

RackBuddy Sarah - corner clothes rack made of oak wood
RackBuddy Sarah

clothes rack

RackBuddy Kim
RackBuddy Kim

clothes rack

From €88.00
RackBuddy Sebastian - smart clothes rail made of oak wood
RackBuddy Sebastian

clothes rail

From €86.00

Wooden clothes racks in a nordic design

Our brand new Friendship collection of clothes racks features ten designs made from oak wood and iron fittings. It has a very classic, clean look that will help to put your clothes in the spotlight.

We wouldn’t be here without our buddies that have supported us along the way - with their advice, contacts or just their spirit. Our story finds its roots with these people which have created the base for us to grow bigger and stronger - just like a tree. That is why we chose to create a new collection of clothes racks mainly out of wood. It is dedicated to some of our most important friends who have helped us to keep everything together along the way. We could always count on their support - just as our new clothes racks can count on the support of the iron fittings that hold them.

If you are looking for a classic, Scandinavian style wardrobe solution, our Friendship collection is just the thing for you! 

With a clothes rack made from oak wood, you can easily give a fresh styling to your bedroom or entryway interior and create a stylish, nordic vibe. The 10 designs featured in the Friendship Collection are each unique in their own way and help you to create a lot of different storage solutions for your home. Some clothes racks have to be attached to the wall, others are free-standing. The clothes racks have a classic, Scandinavian design and fit with many different interior styles. 

Unique and personal interior  

If you choose one of our wooden clothes racks, you are going to get a beautiful, modern design that will last you for a long time. The clothes rack is not "only" a clothes rack, it is a piece of furniture that can make your interior more excited and personalised depending on how you use and decorate it. Add some hooks for accessories to the sizes, hang a lamp or plant from the rail or use the space underneath the rack for decoration or a small drawer. 

The clothes rack is made from oak wood and iron fittings. The oak wood gives all designs der Scandinavian look, whereas the iron adds some unique industrial details. Further, the iron fittings make the clothes rack stable so that it last you for a long time.

Just as our original clothes racks made from iron pipes, this collection is DIY. Of course, you will get detailed assembly instructions with every package. 


Do you need clothes racks for a store?

Are you a store owner or interior designer planning to open a new clothing store? This series of clothes racks could be the right solution for you and your boutique. Several of the clothes racks are easy to move and we can help you to find customised solutions that fit perfectly into your location.