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More than a clothes rack

Your home expresses who you are, your interior shows your personality. You yourself choose which piece to place where and how you use it - for example in the bedroom, the closet or the hallway. The furniture you are surrounding yourself with tells a little bit about yourself to your family and friends.

Here at RackBuddy, we give you the opportunity to create a stylish and unique interior for your home which can handle everyday use and doesn’t lose its shine. Be your own interior designer. Time only adds personality and soul!

More than a clothes rack

Design your own industrial clothing rack

With our DIY solutions we are giving you the opportunity to create your own customized wardrobe solution. No matter if it is just one single rack, a full walk-in-closet or a shelf system - with our support, you can design everything yourself. We can customize all our clothes racks, as well as our table bases made out of water pipes. The only limit is your imagination!

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Wardrobe and shelving systems

We design furniture for all rooms of your home with an inspiration mainly coming from the urban lifestyle and industrial New Yorker loft-style. You don't have to hide your clothes in your closet! Our main products are our characteristic clothes racks and rails made out of water pipes. However, we also have a broad variety of wooden shelves and shelving systems, as well as table legs and wooden clothes racks. At the center of all our designs are stability and functionality in order for you to be able to use the racks and shelves for a long time.

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We are here to help

We love the DIY principle and are not afraid to take on any interior-challenge. We hope that you feel the same way! We place high value on involving you as much as possible - no matter if it is just for the assembly of a clothing rack or in the complete design process.

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Functional and modern design with pipes

We design our products based on the idea that a RackBuddy is not “just” a clothes rack. It is a piece of furniture that can be used everyday and withstands the test of time. With their characteristic elements of black iron and their industrial look, our clothes racks can be used in all rooms of your home. You can use them for organizing your clothes, but also for placing lamps or decorating your home with plants or books. Simple and practical.

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We are fascinated by the modern, urban lifestyle which is based on the notion to surround oneself with multifunctional furniture to maximize the use of the space one has. This pragmatic thinking is guiding us when developing new products or taking on new interior projects. We always want to try to find the best, most inspiring solution for your home.

To show you how you can use our clothing racks - also for other purposes than your wardrobe - we've collected a lot of ideas and inspiration on this site:

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