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        What does it mean to be


        When we use the term pre-loved, we refer to the product having been used for photoshoots, fairs, showrooms or for the products to just have smaller imperfections when it comes to packaging.

        We think it is a shame that products, with a possible lifetime of use, are only being used for a short period of time. That is why we want to give these items a second chance and for you to find solutions that are destined for new use and a new home.

        Designed and

        Made to last

        At RackBuddy, all of our solutions are special and well-thought designs in materials, that are crafted to last. With the right care and love, it can pass from generation to generation and home to home.

        With this concept, we want to highlight the longevity of our products and materials and the fact that it has been loved, used and cherished for a period of time – and can be loved for even more years to come and that a new owner will now be able to build on to the story.

        Unique products with a

        Unique discount

        We have organized our warehouse and showrooms and offer a limited number of products at a discounted price. Shop your RackBuddy with a 40% discount - It is a unique opportunity to get your hands on the rack of your dreams - with a unique discount.

        There will be a limited number of products in stock, so don’t wait too long. We will update the page with new products regularly – the pre-loved section will be a permanent part of our website.

        Since wood and iron are natural materials, differences in appearance can occur. Some pipes may have scratches, which are part of the expression of the racks. Due to the fact that the products may have been used for trade fairs, showrooms and samples, some irregularities may occur, which appear during use.