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Chic wine storage with endless possibilities.

Are you dreaming of a wine cellar? Or do you just need the right piece of storage furniture for your wine storage? Whatever your needs, it's not far from dream to reality. On this page you can read more about wine storage and the different types of wine storage and get inspiration for designing and decorating your own wine cellar.

Three different types of Frame

Wine Divider

A simple and intuitive solution that allows you to store your bottles easily and safely.

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Oak Shelf

Our shelves are made from the highest quality FSC-certified wood.

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Display Rail for Wine

If you're using display shelves, this shelf edge is a simple solution for secure storage.

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It's that simple

We've made it easy to store and display your wine collection in a safe and stylish way. With the help of our wine dividers and display rail, you can quickly transform your existing Rackbuddy system into a stylish wine universe.

  • Safe storage

    The Wine Divider ensures that your bottles don't roll when you stack them.

  • Stylish display solution

    The shelf edge ensures safe storage of your wine on the display shelves.

  • Easy installation

    Both the Wine Divider and Display rail can be easily installed on your existing system.

Should you choose a wine shelf or a wall-mounted wine rack?

There are so many different types of wine storage, and more often than not, what you find when you search online is a bunch of pre-designed and pre-defined wine racks and shelves. There are all sorts of good reasons to choose a pre-designed solution - but there's also something fun about being able to let your imagination run wild and design your own wine rack. The question is, what type of wine storage should you choose? We'll try to answer that question here.

The benefits of a wall-mounted wine rack

A wall-mounted wine rack can function as a simple and straightforward shelf with a long metal bar or horizontal water pipe to hang wines on either side. But a wall-mounted wine rack can also be a larger rack in a more classic sense, where you can really fit some bottles. A wall-mounted wine rack can work in a kitchen and hold a few bottles, while a wine rack can also serve as the primary interior in a large wine cellar where you need space for a lot of bottles.

But what about a wine shelf?

A wine rack is the perfect mix between a wine holder and a wine rack. Here you can get a single wine rack or choose several wine racks to adorn the wall with your best bottles.

Whatever you need, there's a solution for you. And if it doesn't already exist, we'll make it for you! If you're looking for a customised solution, we're here to help.

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  • High quality

    Real iron pipes

  • Adjustable storage

    To fit your wine collection

  • High credibility

    More than 100.000 satisfied customers

  • Easy assembly

    Video guides available

Mix and match wine racks and wine shelves for a unique solution

Do you have a special idea that you just have to try out? Or do you have specific needs for your metal clothes rack or wall-mounted solution in terms of size and design? At RackBuddy, anything is possible! You can easily combine different products and create your own personalised solution. Book a free design meeting and we'll have a conversation about how to create the best metal clothes rack or storage solution for you!

Design your own wine shelf or wall-mounted wine rack

At RackBuddy, anything is possible, which is why we allow you to create, customise and design your very own wine rack. The possibilities are endless, and you can get a single wine rack with room for a few bottles or a wall-mounted wine rack with room for more.

Need a customised solution?

If you're looking to design an entire wine cellar, we'll find a solution that matches your needs. Book a free design meeting today!

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