An ambition of

Timeless wardrobe solutions in durable materials

RackBuddy was founded in 2013 with the ambition to create stable, timeless wardrobe solutions in durable materials for the modern home.  From the very beginning, we have worked with a guiding principle to make wardrobe dreams come true with designs and qualities that are made to last – an approach longer-lasting than trends in an ever changing industry. 

Designed to last

Beyond trends

RackBuddy remains committed to design solutions, that are long-lasting in design and quality.
All products are designed in Denmark by our in-house design- and development team.
They are committed to design and think of products in a more long-lasting expression and character. By committing to re-think purpose and longevity, we always keep in mind to design solutions and new products, that are compatible with existing base products.
All products are purposely designed to make it easy to adapt and ad-on existing solutions, so your wardrobe fits whatever home you may have in the future. Making it easy for you to continuously have a RackBuddy solution, that grows with your needs and home.

A solution that grows with

You and your needs

We value re-use of the products and we want to encourage our customers to choose and buy well. That is why our customer service is so important to us – and you – in the process of choosing your RackBuddy solution.
They are here to guide you and advice you to get the perfect solution.
If you need more space – say no more. Our team is ready to help out, adding on to exisiting solutions, so the wardrobe can grow with your needs.

Danish design and


We believe, that the design of your wardrobe and its functionality should go hand in hand. That is why we offer stable and well-designed wardrobe solutions that will last for a long time and perfectly support our customer’s needs, shying away from fast-moving trends. This allows for the designs to be used for multiple purposes for a long time. 


FSC Certificate

RackBuddy has received the FSC certificate on our shelves, as the element is FSC certified.FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international non-profit organization for wood and paper sourced from sustainable forests

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Red Cross

We believe in the importance of taking social responsibility.
That is why we know how important trust and a sense of community are - both for job satisfaction and for the commitment in the company

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CO2 Neutral Website

A website emits CO2 as it needs power to keep servers running. Visitors to the website use electricity which ads to the total CO2 emissions. With a CO2 certification, you compensate for the total CO2 emissions

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