Our goal is making your dream of the perfect wardrobe and storage solution a reality.

Rackbuddy is for those, that are not into standard solutions. We love conquering the impossible. What drives us is turning the impossible room into a high-functioning and beautiful wardrobe that’s perfectly tailored for your needs. In doing that, we find it highly important to work with sustainable and long-lasting materials to make sure that your Rackbuddy product is a product for life. Let us tell you more.

First, to get to know us we’ll have to tell you about our guiding principles. Don’tworry, there’s only five of them. It is, however, five principles that we take very seriously and in essence, they’re what makes us different. These are principles that guide our company and the way we do things, everyday:

• Our solutions don’t take up space – they give you space.

• Our solutions last a life time but can always be de-constructed and re-constructed.

• We work with a few components that expand into endless possibilities.

• We rethink the functionality of sturdy materials and turn them into light and stylish solutions.

• We have a simple approach to any complex storage challenge: We see it – and we fix it.

We keep these principles in mind for everything we do to always stay aligned with who we aim to be as a company.

We’re a Danish design company that aims to go way beyond the norms of normal storage solutions. The company was started based on our own experiences: We wanted a place to hang our clothes and found ourselves having to choose between cheap but inflexible, fragile modular furniture and big-cost custom-made solutions. So, we decided to change the situation. We developed a concept with better durability, improved affordability, and more than anything, more opportunities for future storage furniture.

We chose to work with a few basic components that can expand into endless possibilities. We’ll tell you more about these components later. Choosing these components allows us to custom-fit any space – no matter how irregular. Our solution is always the perfect match for imperfect rooms. All you need to do is to show us your challenge. We promise we can fix it. Our solutions don’t take up your space– they expand your space. They work where standard modules fail and make room for unique personal interiors. It’s not rocket science. It’s Rackbuddy Science.

If we say so ourselves, we feel we did more than a lot with what we had. We’ve always been in it to win it. That’s why we came up with the concept “Stretch your space” – it’s sort of our motto, a concept that defines who we are and everything we are able to accomplish. With RackBuddy, you can begin by stretching your mind. We won’t stop you. The only limit is your imagination.

We’re simple guys with simple yet functional and innovative products

We think the most profound beauty is found in the simplest solutions. We also believe that inspiration can be found anywhere. A lot of our inspiration comes from industrial materials and finding a new purpose for those materials. Using expanded metal from railings an turning it into a cabinet for example. Or using iron pipes to make a modern wardrobe solution. There’s a lot of benefits of turning industrial components into interior design. Materials intended for industry makes for a super durable product and it also gives our products that simple, modern, and minimalistic look that we love.

We have worked hard to source the right materials from ethical & skilled manufactures. Our supplier of wood is a Danish FSC®-certified manufacturer which ensures all our wood is FSC-certified.

We work with iron, which is the most recycled material in the world, to ensure we’re working effectively with our core material. The products you see on our site today are all made sustainably with a lot of hours and thoughts behind them until we thought they were perfect enough to make it onto rackbuddy.com

The beauty of iron

From the very start we knew we wanted to work with iron. The cheaper alternative was aluminum, but we wanted our products to have the robustness that only iron offers. You’ll feel it when you are holding a Rackbuddy iron pipe in your hands. We wanted an honest material, not something that pretends to be something it’s not.

We use a special clear coating on all our pipes to make sure that the iron keeps its original color. The coating is special because it’s made not only to preserve the look of the material but also to avoid discolorations of your hands and clothes. No need to worry about getting dirty when you assemble your Rackbuddy.

If it was good enough for

Louis the 14th...

The thing about iron is that it can be – and often is - reused. Over andover again. It’s simply the most recycled material in the world. The energy requiredto convert iron to scrap is far less than other materials which makes it highlysustainable. Treated right, iron is not a material that decays. The gardenaround Versailles is watered through iron pipes laid down in the 17thcentury. They are still fully functional. So, for all practical purposes, ourproducts will last you several lifetimes – whether you want to keep them yourselfor pass them on to the next generation, you can! We thought the moniker “Rackbuddy” was appropriate: We are your wardrobe’sbest buddy. And now you know that the mindset of a Buddy is to do more withwhat you have. Stretch your space.