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Inspiration for smart storage and storage solutions

This page is packed with inspiration for smart storage––and who knows, you might even find a great idea for your next storage solution. At RackBuddy, we’re committed to creating smart solutions that add space to your home, instead of taking it away. And we hope you find some inspiration on this page for storage solutions that work for you!

Smart solutions for every room

RackBuddy offers plenty of smart solutions for the home. Browse our range for inspiration and find some resourceful and creative storage solutions that we have either made in collab with talented designers or that our cool customers have designed themselves. You’ll also find inspiration for smart solutions for every room in your home. Explore our inspo pages for smart storage ideas for the kitchen, bathroom, the bedroom, the kids’ room or the living room. Perhaps you’ve got some very specific ideas for your home that you need inspiration for, such as a wine cellar or a walk-in wardrobe? At RackBuddy, everything is possible, which you’ll soon realize as you click your way around the site.

We love a challenge

Whatever the shape of your home––whether you have sloping walls, narrow rooms or something else entirely––we’re up for the challenge. Our storage solutions are designed to fit into any space and are easy to mix and match so you get a creative storage solution with room for everything you need

See how we helped Mads Langer organise his walk-in wardrobe in a challenging room with sloping walls. We utilised both the sloping walls and the wooden beams in the ceiling, so Mads’ wardrobe was filled with smart storage––without taking up any space in the room. 

Or read about how to make the best use of space in small rooms and create smart storage solutions that meet all your needs. Or read about how to free up more space in your home using smart and creative storage solutions.

Looking for inspiration for smart storage that also frees up space in your home?

RackBuddy makes a whole range of creative storage solutions that add space to your home. See below for inspiration for smart solutions where functionality and design have been incorporated in every single inch of the products

Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted storage solutions for the kitchen, bathroom or entryway

Use wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted solutions in every room of the home. Use them in the kitchen for cookware, tea towels or other kitchen utensils, or in the bathroom for towels or bathrobes. A wall-mounted solution also works well in the entryway as a clothes rack for coats. The options are endless!

Wardrobe solutions with or without shelves make smart bedroom storage

It’s always nice to have plenty of storage space in the bedroom––but without it taking up too much floor space. Instead of choosing a bulky wardrobe that takes up loads of space, take a look at our wide range of wardrobe solutions. We have options for if you just need hanging space or if you’re more interested in finding a solution with plenty of shelf space or a built-in chest of drawers. Use the shelves to store shoes, bags or other accessories and use the chest of drawers for items like underwear and socks.

Smart solutions for the many things in your home

Most people collect a lot of things during their lifetime: books, pictures, art, heirlooms and more. But where to put them all? Check out our wide range of shelves and shelving systems, which give you plenty of smart solutions for the home and frees up the space you need. Decorate your living room with some beautiful shelves and bring them to life by placing books and pictures on them. Or install a nice shelving system in your living room with space for books, art and plants. Out in the entryway or bedroom, opt for a shelf with hanging space, with room for accessories on the shelf and for hanging clothes or bags from the rail.

Smart storage solutions designed by RackBuddy customers

It goes without saying that our customers’ needs vary greatly––and at RackBuddy, we always put our customers’ storage needs first. Many of our customers have taken the opportunity to design their own bespoke solution in collaboration with us, using their creativity and passion to design resourceful storage, as you can see right here. For example, some have made space for smart storage around the bed in the bedroom, while others have integrated an office space into their storage solution. There’s no end to what you can do!

If you’re interested in designing your own bespoke solution and putting on your creative designer hat, then book a free design meeting. We’ll discuss how to get you the clever home solutions you need