The kids room is often a place where you spend a lot of time, and where it is especially important to have some stabile and functional storage options. Often there is not a lot of square meters to work with, but with some careful planning you can go a long way.

Our clothes racks for children are a great solution for your child’s wardrobe. The clothes are easy to get to, and there is plenty of space for shoes and boxes with toys underneath. The racks are easy to move around and can be adjusted in height and width as the child grows and the preferences change.
Our smaller shelves such as Little John and Little Marlow can be a practical and stylish option for creating a cozy feeling in the room. Here you can place small boxes for storage, pictures, teddy bears and other decorative items. On the Marlow there is even a small rail on the bottom for clothes and extra storage. Ideally you can hang the shelves at your child’s height so it becomes a part of their daily play. Get inspired by the many options in the gallery below.