The kids’ room is a place where the kids spend a lot of their time, and where good, functional storage options––especially at child height––are essential. These rooms are often small, but careful planning can go a long way. This page is full of inspiration for kids’ room decor, so read on for ideas on how to decorate yours.

Kids’ room decor from RackBuddy

Our clothes racks for kids are the perfect solution for your child’s wardrobe and make organising the kids’ room a breeze. Clothes racks leave plenty of free space, as it is only their iron-pipe legs that rest on the floor. Clothes and accessories are lifted off the floor and the racks also have plenty of storage space for shoes or boxes of toys underneath. The clothes are placed at the child’s eye level for easy access and all the racks are easy to move around. The racks are all expandable, and new elements and features can always be added to the product as the child grows and preferences change.

Inspiration for kids’ room decor

When decorating the kids’ room, it’s often tricky finding a solution that fulfils both storage needs and floor space requirements. Here are some childrens bedroom ideas and inspiration on how to make the most of the space in your kids’ room, while still creating plenty of storage options.

Use clothes racks for the kids’ clothes instead of large wardrobes

When you use clothes racks for the kids’ room instead of a large, bulky wardrobe, you free up more floor space that is better served for play or additional storage. Take a look at RackBuddy Kathy, which has plenty of hanging space for clothes and accessories. There’s still room on the floor under the hanging rail to store shoes, bags or toys – or simply keep the floor space clear for play. 

RackBuddy Molly is another good option here. It also has space underneath and is split in two down the middle by a leg, allowing you to separate clothes accordingly. 

Chests of drawers and shelves for storing books or toys

Rackbuddy also sells chests of drawers and shelves ideal for the kids’ bedroom and for added storage space. The chests of drawers come in sustainably harvested wood from European-certified forests. Choose from different colours and two types of wood. Use the chest of drawers to store children’s clothes or toys. Another option is a shelving unit in the form of our iron cabinet, which is super hard-wearing and gives the room a cool, edgy look. It’s a great place to store books or toys that the kids can easily reach themselves. 

Decorate your kids’ room with storage shelves

Our smaller shelves such as Little John and Little Marlow are a smart and stylish way to make the kids’ room feel cosy. Use them for pictures, books, teddy bears or small storage boxes. Naturally, everything can be hung at child’s height to make it part of the kids’ daily play. Be inspired by the many options in the image gallery on this page and see how customers through time have made most of their kids’ room decor.

Do you have your own ideas for the kids’ room? Design your own bespoke solution

Do you have your own ideas for the kids’ room? And are you struggling to find a solution to match your ideas? At RackBuddy, anything is possible. Let us help you design your own bespoke solution that suits your kids’ room at home. Book a free design meeting and we’ll help make your bespoke solution a reality so you can decorate your kids’ room exactly how you want it.