Stylish storage solutions to create extra space in your home

As you may already know, RackBuddy’s mission is to keep on finding new ideas to optimize every corner of your home. We’ve spent the past years helping customers solve storage dilemmas with custom solutions and we have decided to gather this knowledge and release some of our most requested clothes racks.

The ceiling is not always what comes to mind first when talking about storage but it is a genius trick to save space. We tend to add furniture, closets and other storage solutions on the floor, taking up all the space and creating visual clutter. But what about taking advantage or your high ceilings instead? Whether you need more storage space in your shop or your private home, the ceiling-mounted racks are an easy way to free up floor space. Not only functional, ceiling-mounted racks will also add personality to your room! Take the RackBuddy Chuck for example, the light design of this suspended clothes rail will help you optimize your space and make it look like your clothes are floating. Discover our clothes racks for ceiling.

ceiling-mounted clothes rack in iron with hang space on both side
ceiling-mounted storage solution in iron

Rackbuddy holly double clothes rack for ceiling in iron pipes
Corners can be a challenge but while they may seem annoying, they can also create opportunities! Making the most of your empty corners will create additional space to store all your clothes without taking as much space. Take a hallway for example, even though it is a long and narrow room we often tend to place furniture against one of the walls leaving little space for people to move around. A corner rack will change the visual aspect of the room and help you stretch your space by exploiting these tricky corners. Free-standing or wall-mounted we came up with stylish racks to accommodate any room whether you own or rent your home. Check all our corner racks here!
Wall mounted clothes rack for corner in iron pipes
Corner clothes rack in iron pipes
Shelves are one of the most flexible storage solution ever created. It is a simple and cheap way to create additional storage space to every room of your house – living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, you name it! The industrial-looking RackBuddy shelves are perfect to display your favorite items, whether it’s shoes, books or plants. We offer shelves with and without a clothes rail, both designed to fit every need. The combination of hang and shelf is perfect in a bedroom to hang shirts and fold your pants on top, but it also works in a kitchen to display your wine glasses and hang cutting boards or aprons. Made of FSC certified pine and oak, the RackBuddy shelves are an easy way to give an industrial yet cozy touch to your home. Discover our selection of shelves.

shelving system in iron pipes with three wooden shelves
Shelf system in iron and pine for cornerClothes rail in iron pipe with top shelf in wood
Looking for more storage ideas? Check our Inspiration page and find cool solutions for every room.