Meet the RackBuddy Little Frame!

A Minimalist Clothes Rack for Small Spaces

Finding a nice-looking clothes rack when you have limited space can be tricky. We decided to address this issue by designing a smaller rack with a lightweight appearance for those who don’t have space for a Walk-in wardrobe.

Due to such high demand, we are coming up with a smaller version of our beloved RackBuddy Frame. This minimalist collection reflects our Scandinavian roots and offers a sleek alternative to our more industrial-looking clothes rack. Popular among individual and professional customers, this geometric rack will instantly add character to any home, retail space, or hospitality environment.Stretch Your Space

The Little Frame is a double duty rack that serves both decorative and functional purposes. The size and design of this storage solution are ideal if you want to clear the space and prevent visual clutter. This contemporary clothes rack will fit in just about any space whether you are looking for a cool storage solution for your shop, your restaurant, your hallway, or your bedroom.

With its sleek design and clean lines, the Little Frame will never go out of style and will make all the difference no matter how tiny your place is.

So, if you’ve been eyeing the Frame collection but you don’t have enough room for our standard racks, our new Little Frame is for you!

Add Your Personal Touch

The RackBuddy Little Frame is available in three of our best-selling colors: black, white and dark iron. We offer you the possibility to play around with shades, you can choose a color that will contrast with the rest of your interior or go for a rack that is the same color as your wall to create a monochromatic space.

You can give a unique look to your wardrobe by adding some RackBuddy clothes hangers – available in many different colors.

You can also add a personal touch to your rack with the help of our RackBuddy clothes hooks – available in the same colors as our hangers.

Pro Tip: Hanging our Rackbuddy S hooks will help you save space.

Looking for a bigger solution? You can take a look at the Little Frame’s big siblings from our Frame Collection