How to choose between free-standing and wall-mounted storage solutions?

You’re looking for a stylish storage solution but you are not entirely sure how to choose between a stand-alone and a wall-mounted rack? In this blog post we’ll help you weigh your options while unveiling some of our latest products. Keep reading to find smart storage solutions that will bring a little extra to your clothes rack in iron

You’ve just moved into a rented apartment or you simply do not want to drill holes in your walls? We’ve got you covered. With our new stand-alone racks, you won’t have to worry about accidently hitting a wire while drilling. Easy to mount and ready to be used, these free-standing solutions are an easy way to create additional storage in your home.

minimalist clothes rack with square bottomAdding a smart and stylish rack to your bedroom is a simple trick to modernize your interior. The open wardrobe will help you sort and display your favorite pieces and give you easy access to all your things.

free-standing clothes rack in oak scandinavian styleUnlike traditional storage solutions, free-standing racks are easy to move around. Extremely practical, a stand-alone clothes rack is a great solution if you move, remodel or if you’re simply looking for flexibility. It’s a great option for retail space, hospitality environment and for anyone who needs additional storage in their home.

wall-mounted clothes rack on iron If you’re looking for a more classic storage solution, we also offer a wide range of shelves, wardrobes and racks mounted to the wall. Made from sturdy iron pipes, the wall-mounted solutions will be able to carry the weight of your entire wardrobe. Whichever rack you go for, make sure to consider your wall capacity and if in doubt, have a professional check on it.

wall-mounted shelf in oak with silver supports Robust yet elegant, this extra storage will help you keep your bedroom neat and tidy, but not only. You could for example add a RackBuddy to your entrance so your guests can hang their coats and bags when they arrive. A wall-mounted storage solution would also look great in your kitchen to hang pots or kitchen utensils. It can also be used for decorative purpose to hang lamps and other accessories with the help of our colorful S-hooks.

wall-mounted clothes rack in iron with top shelf in wood Last but not least, wall-mounted solutions are a great way to save space. Whether you go for a shelf or a clothes rack, you will maximize every inch of your home by saving up floor space!

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