How to organize your student room when you’re on a budget?

Where did the summer go? It’s time to get back into a routine and organize your place with a (Rack)Buddy for life. Here are some cheaper storage alternatives to add a personal touch to your student room and make it feel like home.

Hopefully after months of chasing a new place the struggle is over and a new chapter in your life has begun. Whether you move into a dorm room, a shared apartment, a studio, or perhaps a temporary room, you don't always have room enough for a bed, a desk, a chair and a wardrobe. With limited space it is important to choose smart and functional furniture to make the most out of your space.

Add shelves for more storage

In your small student room, it is important to choose furniture that is not using too much space. Shelves and suspended clothes rails are a great solution, you can use the floor space for something else. You can for example place your shoes, laundry bag or dresser underneath the shelves. See the RackBuddy shelves here.



Optimize your student room with a ceiling-mounted solution

It can be difficult to keep things neat and tidy while studying. Stretch your space and create a clean interior with one of our ceiling mounted clothing racks. Perfect for small studios or any room where extra floor space is needed, our RackBuddy Joey will give an elegant and floating expression to your place. Discover all our ceiling-mounted racks and choose your favorite!



Think practical but stylish

There is no doubt that going back to school can be a challenge. While renting a place you don't always have the possibility to mount a rack into the wall or ceiling. The free-standing clothes racks are practical as they give you the opportunity to place them wherever you would like to. Which means you can easily bring them along to your next place! Check how cool our RackBuddy Little Jackson is.



Keep your place organized with fun accessories

To avoid creating chaos, it is essential to use baskets that allow you to store accessories, books and much more. With our multifunctional boxes in different sizes you have the perfect storage solution for your student home. You can place them on your shelves, desk or in your wardrobe. Check out all our baskets here.



Add some RackBuddy hooks or hangers to your RackBuddy to get it even more organized. Find the color that fits your style and add some personality to your student room.