How to decorate your home with blooming colors?

Colors are one of the most important factors when it comes to decorating and furnishing your home. The colors of a room can have a dramatic effect on both your mood and your emotional state and its of great importance when it comes to both the balance and the atmosphere of your home. Where some are more into subtle colors, others thrive on bold colors. Our new Blossom Collection presents colors that exist at both ends of the spectrum.

We’ve teamed up with the talented design duo, Besau-Marguerre, who have designed three new expressive colors for five of our bestsellers. The designers chose a bright yellow as the leading color, an earthy pastel violet, and a muted reddish beige. They were all inspired and named after blooming flowers of the seasons of spring, summer, and autumn. The yellow is named after the summer flower "Mimosa", this purple color draws inspiration from the spring flower "Liliac" while the muted red takes its name from the autumn flower "Dahlia".

The Blossom Collection gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your personal style with your interior while adding color and extra storage to your home. Here are 4 tips on how to decorate your home with blooming colors.blossom collection colorful shelf and clothes rail

1. Use accessories to show off your colorful personality
If you prefer neutral colors on your walls and in your furniture, showcasing your colorful accessories is a great way to add color to your home. Books, candles, and small accessories in colors contrast monochromatic walls and furniture and bring life to the room while showcasing your personality.

Use the Little John shelf in different colors in the living room to showcase your favorite accessories or style it with beautiful flowers that match one of the three colors of the iron pipes. It also works as beautiful storage for your favorite cups and ceramics in the kitchen, as a practical nightstand in your bedroom or for your perfumes and jewelry in the bathroom.Rackbuddy shelf and clothes rail in yellow, lilac and beige-red

2. Combine colors for a playful interior
If you are looking for a playful and brave look for your home, combining colors is the way to go. When combining colors, it’s important that they create contrast and a typical approach is to combine fresh, bright colors with more muted pastel colors.

The colors of the Blossom Edition are colors that on paper immediately create contrast and challenge the viewer, but still manage to co-exist in beautiful harmony and take your interior to a new and exciting level. Those who like it colorful can combine clothes rails, hooks, and wall shelves in all three shades.RackBuddy Blossom collection colorful clothes racks

3. Add positivity and warmth with bold colors
Furniture in bold colors is the way forward if you are looking to keep a minimalistic style yet want a warm and personal feel to the room. Bright, bold colors are great in rooms with high ceilings that otherwise might feel cold if decorated solely in neutral colors. Adding furniture, art, or accessories in bold colors instantly gives the room a positive and warm vibe.

The bright yellow “Mimosa” is a color that’ll loudly present itself in any interior setting and adds a refreshing splash of color to your home. Most of us associate yellow with something positive, bright, and optimistic, as it reminds us of the sun, spring and summer. Use the “Mimosa” colored Claw to add a warm, uplifting feeling to e.g. your wardrobe, hallway, or bathroom. It’s ideal for hanging jackets, towels, or showcasing your favorite bags. The yellow Joey clothes rail is perfect for those rooms with high ceilings that needs a warm and positive element.RackBuddy yellow clothes hook mimosa

4. Choose calming colors for rooms where you want a cosy atmosphere
Colors have their own language and energy. They not only affect our mood but they also have been proven to affect us mentally. Choosing the right colors for your bedroom is therefore essential for your sleep. Go for calm colors that are not too flashy in rooms where you want to relax. Pastels and neutral colors gives assciations to nature which helps the body to gear down and get ready for sleep.

The earthy violet color “Lilac”, and the muted reddish beige “Dahlia” in the Blossom Collection are both designed to take more of a back seat in their setting yet highlight whatever you choose to hang on them in a subtle and elegant matter.

Various shades of purple are said to have a calming effect on the mind and nerves. The “Lilac” color is a perfect color for your bedroom, to create a comforting and romantic atmosphere. Use the “Lilac” colored Jolene rail as storage for your shoes or purses in the bedroom or let the earthy violet color present your towels in the bathroom. Likewise, the reddish beige “Dahlia” color creates a cozy feeling and is a good choice for rooms where you want the atmosphere to be relaxing. Use the “Dahlia” colored Joey clothes rail in the bedroom to stretch your space and create a clean, calming, and colorful interior that’ll highlight your favorite outfits.Rackbuddy colorful clothes hooks