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Rackbuddy introduces the easiest IKEA hack ever

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IKEA Pax hack with the Logan Collection

Whoever came up with the phrase “work smarter, not harder” was a clever person. That phrase perfectly describes the concept of our new Logan Collection that’s especially designed for upgrading your IKEA Pax closet. Most hanger bars are cheap solutions that don't last very long before they bend or break, but the Logan clothes rails is not capable of breaking or being worn out as it’s made of iron. We created this collection to accommodate all you DIY people out there and we are glad to present to you: the easiest IKEA hack ever!

Whether you already have an IKEA Pax closet that needs renovation, or you need a new closet, an IKEA hack is a solid, attractive, and sustainable solution. There is no doubt that IKEA’s Pax closets are sold around the world and are the chosen storage solution in many, many homes. The concept of IKEA hacking has become a world-known phenomenon, and at the heart of it is the desire to customize. Even though you buy something that everybody else has in their home doesn’t mean that you can’t make it your own. The Logan clothes rails are the perfect way to add some personality, color, and refinement to your IKEA Pax closet, without it having to cost a fortune or taking you a whole weekend to do. It’s installed in five minutes and instantly gives your IKEA Pax closet a new and exclusive look. Logan comes in four colors; dark, silver, matte beige and matte green. Complete the look with quality hangers and hooks for your open- or closed IKEA Pax closet.

“During the years, we’ve received a lot of requests about upgrading people’s IKEA wardrobes. So we decided to do something about it and are therefore introducing our Logan clothes rail in three custom-fitted sizes for this exact purpose. They come in two new vibrant colors that add a personal look to your IKEA closet while upgrading to a durable, long-lasting solution that’s designed to fit your IKEA Pax closet.”
- Christian Grønbech, RackBuddy



How to elevate your closet with Logan

The Logan Collection consists of three different sizes in four different colors. The sizes are determined to fit the measurements of classic IKEA Pax Closets measurements, so all you’ll have to do is measure which size IKEA closet you have at home. They come in 50 cm, 75 cm, and 100 cm. 

The colors to choose from are either our classic industrial-looking pipe colors in silver and dark or our two brand new colors; matte beige and matte green. Complete the look with quality hangers and hooks for your Logan clothes rail.

The silver and dark pipes add a raw, masculine, and sophisticated look to your IKEA Pax closet whilst also giving it that Rackbuddy industrial vibe. The matte beige and matte green are for those who love surrounding themselves with color and the two colors combine effortlessly with the minimal Scandinavian design that an IKEA Pax closet has. If you have an open IKEA Pax solution adding a Logan clothes rail gives your whole room a different appearance, making your closet seem like it was a hand-crafted wardrobe tailored to your needs. You can also add the Logan clothes rail to your closed closet solution, giving you the joy of uniqueness whenever you open your closet doors to get dressed. 

Our water pipes in iron create a beautiful contrast to the simple models from IKEA Pax and adding a Logan clothes rail gives your closet a nice finish at an affordable price. Simply remove your existing clothes rail and screw in the Logan clothes rail in your preferred color – and puff, your DIY project is done, and your IKEA Pax closet got the quickest make-over.


Customized Logans

The Logan clothes rail can also be used between two walls in other places in your home, just make sure that the measurements are precise. If you wish to order a customized wall-mounted Logan in specific measurements, you can see our original Logan. The original Logan comes in silver and dark. Use the Logan in your hallway, bathroom, kitchen, or wherever in the home you’re in need of a fitted clothes rail.

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