RackBuddy Heroes- Meet `Wild Bill Elliot´

With 6 collections and most of them launching within the last year, our customers have developed some favorites amongst our collections. In this series we will take you through our RackBuddy heroes. Meet our most loved Rackbuddies, get inspiration and see how our customers style and use them.

Meet your second favorite: Wild Bill Elliot

Our Wild Bill Elliot rack is one of our biggest and tallest racks and is therefore perfect for storing large amounts of clothes. 


Wild Bill Elliot comes in two colors

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot- double clothes rack in water pipes

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot- clothes rack with rail for coats and dresses 


RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot silver

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot Silver- clothes rack with rail for dresses and coats 


The small bedroom

The Wild Bill Elliot is perfect for the small bedroom and provides a lot of storage for your clothes. If you live in a small space this might be the perfect solution for you. If you´re lucky enough to have a walk in closet or a larger designated closet space this rack will also be perfect.The rack is made from water pipes and has a double two-layered clothes rail so you can hang tops, bottoms, dresses and coats. 


RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot in small bedroom


RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot in cozy bedroom


RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot and Bonnie in bedroom

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Cozy dressing corner 

If you have a small corner in your bedroom, you can make a dressing corner. You can decorate the dressing corner however you wish: paints the walls, add plants or even write something on the walls. The dressing corner is your way to display your clothes and create a cozy area of your room.This also helps separate the room if you live in a one-bedroom apartment, and give each area of the room a purpose. 


 RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot in cozy dressing corner with green chair


Viv Mays bedroom with RackBuddy Bill Elliot


RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot in light corner

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Decorative rack

Wild Bill Elliot also works great as a decorative rack in your space. You can use it as a room divider, hang plants on it or your favorite accessories. It not only looks beautiful, it can also work as a practical piece of furniture in your home. The only limit is your imagination. If you wish to accessorize your rack you can buy sockets and lightbulbs, hangers and hooks. By accessorizing your rack you can add a personal touch and the sockets and lightbulbs hanging over the rack gives it a cozy feeling.


RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot used for accessories


RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot hos Copenhagen Wilderness


RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot with dress hanging 

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Silver Wild Bill Elliot

Did you know that Wild Bill Elliot also comes in silver? It´s the perfect option if you´re looking for a lighter interior option. The model is exactly the same, the only difference is the color of the water pipes. It keeps the industrial look while making the room appear a little lighter. Perfect for the scandinavian inspired interior. 

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot silver in Alex Jue´s bedroom


RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot Silver collection in Jasmin Tjardes bedroom


Wild Bill Elliot in Silver water pipes

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We understand why Wild Bill Elliot is one of our customers favorite RackBuddies. It is big, versatile and can fit all your clothes on one rack. 

We are always happy to help you furnish your home and create the right solution for you. If you have any questions or wish for customized items please email info@rackbuddy.com and we are happy to help. 

Stay tuned for the next episode of RackBuddy Heroes we´re we will give you inspiration on how to style the RackBuddy Bonnie.